Print Information


You may purchase fine art photographic prints of any image posted on my website.  In addition to fine art prints, my images can be licensed for numerous uses, including album covers, books, web sites, posters or other purposes.  To license these images please contact me directly by email at or by telephone at 847-429-1036 for terms and conditions of use.  Additionally, not-for-profit organizations, particularly those representing humanitarian or environmental-related causes, may be eligible for a special reduced rate.

METAL PRINTS:  I primarily sell my work as metal prints.  Metal prints are images which are printed onto a sheet of aluminum.  The ink is then baked into the metal surface and covered with a clear coat.  This process results in an extremely sharp, almost three dimensional finished with a very smooth and non-textured surface allowing the image to be seen with significant clarity. They come mounted with a raised 1/2 inch block on the back and a center hole, making the images ready to hang immediately out of the box.

Metal prints are finished in either Clear High Gloss, Clear Satin, White High Gloss or White Satin. Clear indicates that the ink used is semi-transparent allowing the brushed aluminum surface to be partially visible in colored areas and completely visible in any area where there is white. The White finish indicates the ink is completely opaque where white appears in the image, thus, the brushed aluminum surface is not visible.

MATTED PRINTS:  Since the look of my images are best highlighted on the metal finish, I currently offer matted prints in a limited number of sizes.  Orders for sizes not specified may be made by special request for which you may contact me directly. Unless otherwise requested, all matted prints will be double mounted on white matte board with a 0.50" offset border between mattes and at either a 2 or 3 inch width.

CANVAS or GALLERY WRAPS:  Canvas or Gallery Wraps are images printed on a canvas an stretched around a woden frame.  So as not to diminished the crop of the original image, there is a choice between a black or white edge on Canvas or Gallery Wraps.  All Canvas or Gallery Wraps come with the back sealed in paper and are ready to hang out of the box.

BULK RATES:  For large orders of multiple images of 20x30 inched or greater, I do offer a bulk purchase discount to be determined by the size, quantity and finish type of images purchased.  Please contact me directly at or 847-429-1036 to inquire as to the discount rates and a price quote.

LIMITED EDITIONS:  Limited Edition prints, where listed, are for the size and finish stated and will come to you numbered and signed.  Prices are subject to increase as editions sell through.  Should you be interested in purchasing a Limited Edition print of an image that does not currently list such an option at this time, please contact me at or at 847-429-1036 to discuss the options and pricing.          

SIZES: The sizes listed are approximate, are in inches and refer to the finished photograph dimensions and do not include any matting or framing.  Image aspect ratios (length vs. width) often do not match exactly so the finished image will be approximate to the size listed.

PAYMENT:  Secure payment can be made using the shopping cart feature.  Credit cards are accepted, and the credit card information is NOT stored by me or on my website .  If for some reason you are unable to use the secure shopping cart feature, please contact me directly at or 847-429-1036 so special arrangements can be made.

ORDER & SHIPMENT:  Print orders are submitted to the printer within 48 hours of placing your order, unless I am away on assignment, in which case you will be notified by email.  Your order will be shipped directly to you unless you have ordered a Limited Edition print, in which case it will be shipped to me for numbering and signing then shipped to you.  Please note that Limited Edition order fulfillment will take longer for this reason.

Shipping costs will vary depending on the size and/or weight of the image(s) ordered.  They will be shipped via UPS, unless otherwise noted.  Shipping outside the domestic US and Canada will be billed separately and at an additional cost, to be determined by the size and/or weight of the print(s) and manner of shipment.  

DAMAGED ITEMS:  If your print arrives damaged, you must notify me within 24 hours of receipt and provide photographic documentation of same.  Damaged prints will be replaced upon my receipt of the damaged item.  The cost for shipping same to me will be refunded.

ORDER FULFILLMENT: The approximate time between order placement and order shipment is about 3-4 weeks.  Again, if I'm away on assignment the turnaround time may vary.  Should there be a delay, you will be notified.

SPECIAL REQUESTS:  If you have any special printing requests - canvas or gallery wrap, oversize image printing, special matting/framing, etc. which is not listed on my website, please contact me via email ( for a pricing quote - I will be glad to accommodate your requests when at all possible.

DISCLAIMER:  My equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure true and correct colors as interpreted by my, the artist.  The images viewed on your own computer or personal devices and/or equipment may not bear the same quality and accuracy of color as will the final professionally printed image.  Furthermore, because I regularly calibrate my equipment and employ the use of ICC professional printing profiles designed for professional printing, any images printed independently by you (which is illegal pursuant to copyright laws) on your own equipment of a non-professional printing service may not bear the same quality and accuracy of color as will the final printed image.  Additionally, because the image you are purchasing is my artistic interpretation, it will not necessarily reflect true to life colors, scenes or subjects and may include perceived imperfections such as noise, grain, color shifts, etc.